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Cashless Are You Really Really Ready ?

Naturally with the global banking system in “purposeful” meltdown in the biggest theft and fraud ever recorded in recent history, everyone but absolutely everyone is advocating..tah dah..CASHLESS, wow!

This is THE answer to all our problems, so numerous big corporation chiefs tell us including one such, Jack Dorsey, co-founder of twitter, with more money than he could ever spend in his back pocket. His own personal baby is “square” Now this cutsie little baby  set up in a retail outfit somewhere, will verify that you are who you are by taking some p/w and then your picture appears on their system along with untold other information about you, you then complete your transaction.

Now other than this system, we have any number of other cashless systems being developed out there, bitcoin being a major one being endlessly plugged, from twitter to ebay to amazon and everything else in between.


The first article you need to read linked below is, Technocracy The New World Order and Smartgrid. This sets the scene. Now the elites, NWO, the Bilderbergs, whatever you want to call them plan 60 years plus hence. No short terminism here with these people and they have been dedicatedly working away at their agenda since after WW11. Trillions of £££s $$$$s Yen, and euros, have gone into the set-up of the internet, (the overall matrix) and smartgrid, which hovers above us. Add global bio-metrics agendas, in various stages within different countries around the world, heavy surveillance, huge listening posts globally, and you can see what they have been putting in motion.

Cashless is another layer of this matrix which the elites desire us all to be plugged into. Imagine now 10, 20 years hence what the landscape will look like for our children, grandchildren and beyond. Take a good look at Sweden today for an example of a cashless society where a large swathe of people no longer express dissent on any subject.

probable scenarios

1. ever increasing transaction charges (there will be no recourse from faceless corporations)

2. every penny spent will have to be accounted for, to some authority

3. anyone can have access to your personal “digits” and deduct at will

4. access to your “digi-credit” may be denied if you have not taken mandated vaccines for example, reason to shut you off

5. have you taken your RFID implant for the month? which may be used to unlock your credit, thereby creating an instantly trackable slave, no RFID no credit

6. if you do not comply with certain restrictions you may be fined or denied access to your credits and food or medication, you may be on restricted water, energy, travel, the SMARTGRID will have the potential to shut vital needs once everything has been converted to SMART, including you

7. they do not like your political views, your credits will be shut down (this is already happening to drone pilots who downed joysticks to protest unlawfull killings by the american government.

8. any time you could be on restricted water, energy, travel, medication, food

9.your “digi credits” may be programmed to buy only GMO poison, and will not allow you to buy organic

10. if you are watching too much TV, or using your washing machine too much, SMARTGRID will shut off your SMART appliance for you

ADVICE; DO NOT INSTALL SMARTMETER NO MATTER WHAT THE SOFT-SELL SAYS, not only is it a 24/7 information transmitter and control system, it is damaging to health and invalidates your home insurance, supporting links at the bottom.

11. have you taken your daily dose of prescribed medication / flouride ? no?you will be denied access to your digi-credits

Final message here, if you allow this to become fully entrenched without challenging,

YOU WILL BE EXPENDABLE and EXTINGUISHABLE…..good bye….robot take-over

on the other hand,

FIGHT THIS TOOTH AND NAIL FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN, this is the world that awaits if you do not make a stand.

Become your own SOVEREIGN person, do not accept these systems into your life gather with other like-minded people…cash/gold/silver rule, organic growing rules, home schooling rules,
tell the evil ones to stick their chip where the sun don’t shine

Most importantly you need to educate your children that all these flashy gadgets, apple-pay, smartphone with bank transfers, contactless swipe cards, ALL gadgets that promote cashless crypto digi transfers, are a trap that will leave you powerless ultimately. Think about where that path will lead you. It is a world of fantasy value, totally unreal. When you get up early on a cold winter morning, travel to your workplace, put in an 8 hour day or longer, what do you want to exchange your time, energy and sweat for? Think about what holds true value.


A final note is, that this cashless surveillance lockdown zone is being attempted  in the zionist anglosphere, consisting of the EU, UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and other allies & affiliates. Terror thro western sponsored, supported, trained and financed ISIS is being used as a tool for final oppression and lockdown into a police state.

The opposing forces are principally Russia, China, Iran and their allies. The zionists have met with a russian brick wall in Syria and citizens should be eternally grateful to Mr. Putin for stepping into the breach.  The geo-political landscape on alliances has been changing shape since the millenium and the advent of the Middle East wars (WW111 in my opinion) for global resource domination by the zionists.

Therefore, within the opposing nations, gold, silver and resources will hold their rightful place as true value for a working man’s endeavours, not trillions of worthless printed “paper” unbacked by value.The true purpose is to degrade the accepted systems and ultimately lead to cashless. (which must be resisted at all costs) What can we do? Maintain our own values, our own beliefs, limit interaction with the debt systems, government is your greatest enemy.

This is a global conversation for freedom, are you part of that conversation?

supporting links;
Lloyd’s of London EXCLUDES liability coverage for harm from RF-EMFs/wireless radiation:

Lloyd’s of London Insurance Won’t Cover Smartphones – WiFi – Smart Meters – Excluding ALL Wireless Radiation Hazards

Square is the shape of things to come, says Twitter founder Jack Dorsey


UPDATES = >> The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery..Rant of all Rants 100% true ! via @BeforeItsNews




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Innovation Pays, Currencies, The Alternative Way via @BeforeItsNews

Banksters Outlawing Cash, part 2, Beware,Be Prepared, Sweden Leads the Way via @BeforeItsNews

Beware All, Central Banks Attempting to Outlaw Cash Transactions, Be Prepared! via @BeforeItsNews

The Blueprint = >Technocracy Global New World Order & Smartgrid via @BeforeItsNews


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  1. […] Cashless, are You Really Really Ready ?. […]

  2. A couple of years ago, we were with Scottish Power and they came along and installed a Smart Meter without really explaining the in’s and out’s. They gave the usual waffle about how it helps do certain things, they even gave me a CT with wireless connection to monitor our usage. We are now with EDF and I’ve learnt a lot about Smart Meters, I contacted them last week and informed them I wanted my Smart Meter taken out and replaced, as my home couldn’t be insured with one in. They replied back asking me to make arrangements for switching.
    The more people push back the better we will be in the future!

    Good post Lisa!

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